Quality Policy

Shreenath Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. is conducted by the belief that any business’s brand value depends on the successful integration of production/ cultivation, service to the client and environmental awareness. At Shreenath Agro, we are committed to promote and maintain high standards of quality at par with the international standards that are essential to promote agriculture and food production globally. We always follow a stringent code of conduct related to health, safety and environmental policy, which include internationally acknowledged regulations and the highest technological standards.

  • To ensure conformity with regulations
  • To ensure client demands are meet
  • To improve and optimize the organization

This plan, which includes the entire network, guarantees the food safety of our products and the use of practices which respect the environment.


  • Respect for the specifications per crop, which means:
    • Respect for Good Agricultural Practices
    • Respecting the list of authorized crop protection treatments
  • Monitored by both internal and external technical services.


When vegetables come to our cold room we remove the field heat normally which is near to 37 Degree and stabilize the vegetables to 3 to 4 Degrees. When the delivery time comes we make the deliver the vegetables to customer within 3 to 4 hrs after starting from our cold room.


  • Quality control of products
  • Respect for health and safety rules
  • Upstream and downstream traceability
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