Cold Room

Although there are other industries that make use of cold rooms, the food industry is the first on the list of sectors in need of these special facilities. These cold storage facilities are commonly built to store perishable goods for a period of time.

Due to the increasing demand in the food supply, the production of perishable goods such as fruit and vegetables continues to rise. In order to preserve these types of goods, they need to be placed in cold storage facilities to make sure that they do not spoil.

Cold rooms are very important because they help to prolong the shelf life of fresh goods. They are also effective in reducing the amount of waste and in lengthening the timeframe for marketing these foods.

This is our Cold Room, we have 20 Tons of Capacity to Store fresh Exotic Vegetables, when the vegetables come to our cold room we remove the field heat normally which is near to 37 Degree and stabilize the vegetables to 3 to 4 Degrees. When the delivery time comes we make the deliver the vegetables to the customer within 3 to 4 hrs after starting from our cold room.

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